Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Awesome New Blog - How to Get Unlimited Lives On Candy Crush

I just created a Brand new Blog on how to get unlimited lives on candy crush. This game is extremely popular right now and so I thought it would be appropriate share a neat little trick that basically gives you infinite amount of lives. I love the fact that I can now play all nigh t if I want and not have to worry about waiting ever. You are probably thinking, Is this a CHEAT or HACK? No it's not!

Check it out for yourself, This is so easy to do a baby could do it! Okay! Maybe a baby couldn't do it, I'm sure you get the point though haha... Also I noticed that there are a ton of Youtube videos regarding this trick. But if you want to watch the best video, you'll find it on my blog by clicking here.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Dynamic Stretching Exercises For Runners | New Blog Post

Here is another new blog post over at dynamicstretchingexercises.com by choy82. This post is about dynamic stretching exercises for runners I actually know of a few friends who do a lot of running and two of them acutally do this as a Sport. I emailed them this link because this blog post has some really awesome scientifically backed warm up dynamic stretches. If you get a spare moment, check this out.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Dynamic Stretching Exercises For Soccer Players | New Blog Post

I just created a new blog post over at dynamicstretchingexercises.com about dynamic stretching exercises for Soccer players If you play Soccer yourself or know of someone who does then feel free to pass this on. None likes to get injured during any Sport and a lot of muscular injuries can be prevented if a proper stretching routine is put in place. I still see a lot of Coaches out there use static stretching for warming up their players. No! No! No! This should be used soley for cooling down post match, please use dynamic stretching for warming up pre game. All the Scientific evidence points towards the dynamic stretch approach. If you want your players to perform at their best every game and prevent them from injuring themselves then visit the webpage above and put to use the information contained within. I have also included a youtube video for those who learn better from visualizing rather then reading.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

New Website Launched | Dynamic Stretching Exercises | The Way You Should Be Stretching

Just a quick update post on a new Website Blog I just created about dynamic stretching exercises. For those into Sport or Personal Fitness, you will find some very interesting information regarding which type of stretching routine warm ups you should be doing pre.

I have personally experimented with dynamic stretching and I must say my sports performance has improved dramatically. Like many, I used to perform on the spot static stretching before exercise but this is Scientifically proven to make you under perform and can increase your chances of muscular injury. The static type stretches are designed to cool down your muscles and hence makes much more sense to do post Sport/Exercise.

Instead try for yourself performing dynamic stretching and you'll notice a difference in your ability to last longer at your peak. This type of stretching increases blood flow and oxygen to your major muscles and warms them right up, lowering the risk of injury by an incredible 72%. I don't know about you but I like those odds :-)

Interested? & want more information? Visit http://www.dynamicstretchingexercises.com Be sure to leave your comments.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Dynamic Warm Up Exercises | New Webpage Alert

I recently created a new webpage about dynamic warm up exercises and I must say it's already creating some buzz. If you play Sport or regularly exercise/workout then performing these types of warm up exercises can increase your performance and importantly lower your risk of muscular injury. I have included 5 of the very best dynamic warm up exercises that have been Scientifically proven to work in your favor. For each one I have included a YouTube video to correspond with the specific exercise so that you can see exactly how to do the exercise with proper technique for maximum results. Be sure to leave your comments and let me know if there is anything I can do to make the webpage better or anything else that I can add to it.


A while back I created a webpage about where to buy chia seeds and I thought id create an update post on doogsy's announcement blog. I have added some new content and plan on adding a few videos about some great tasting nutritious chia seed smoothie recipes.

Chia seeds have been gaining popularity for a few years now, when they were eventually talked about on the world wide popular T.V show Dr. Oz the demand for these seeds exploded. They are now classed as a super food with many health benefits with a vast nutritional profile.

Did you know that the Aztecs used chia seeds as an energy source. Believe it or not - one small hand full was enough to keep them full of energy for the whole entire day. That's impressive!

Be sure to check out my newly updated webpage -

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Corrina Bradshaw Funny Videos

G'day folks, I have just created a new webpage about Corrina Bradshaw Funny Videos. This is my sister and she is absolutely funny, especially after a few Jd's. I guess you could say that she's more random then anything. 

She lives in a big town called 'Tamworth', she has common phrases such as: g'day sister girls, I ain't changin for anyone. This is exactly what I mean when I say she's random because she'll just come out with these words out of the blue. 

Anyway check out her webpage and let me know exactly what you think. A day in the life of Corrina Bradshaw.