Monday, 25 March 2013

UPDATE ALERT: New Webpage Currently In The Making


Hi folks, I thought I would just give you a quick update about what I am currently working on. For those of you that are looking to some extra fat I am currently creating a Webpage that reveals some of the best and proven fat loss tips known.

I have a ton of tips so there will be something for everyone. I am not sure whether or not to create a Squidoo lens as the foundation for the Webpage. Squidoo has recently made some big changes so the fat loss topic may be a violation to their 'terms of use'

It's cool though, there are many different powerful free to use webpages that I can base this on.

Well hope everyone is having a great day and I will keep you updated with this upcoming webpage on fat loss tips.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Doogsy's NRL Footy Tipping Competition

Well the 2013 NRL Footy season is finally here and I am very excited. Every season I create and run a tipping competition, there usually is around 10 or so tipsters involved. This year is a bit lower though with only 6. Ive been running these every year for a long time now. I find that not only is is a great to socialize with mates and family, but also a fantastic way to keep in contact, which I believe is significant.

It's only early days yet, round 2! But so far I am going very well, I'm coming 3rd. My mate Cameron is coming 2nd and my dad is currently in the lead. One of the great benefits of this footy tipping comp is the ability to win extra points, you can do this by guessing the correct margin 1 game per round. If you do guess correctly then your points double for that specific round.

I do this completely online now, I used to run this with paper and print out the upcoming rounds, I however found this to be extremely time consuming. My dad then took over for a couple of seasons but soon realized himself that it was a major cause of time constraints. Going online was the best decision I have ever made with this, there are several options to choose, many different sport based websites offering to host your private footy tipping league. Some examples of these sites: and few others as well.

NRL is a very popular sport amongst us Aussies, I guess just like Baseball is for Americans. There is nothing like having a nice refreshing cold VB (Victoria Bitter) while watching the boys smash it out.

Well thanks for reading my post and I will keep you updated on how everyone goes in my private footy tipping comp. Oh! By the way, it's called "The Average Joes"