Monday, 8 July 2013

Dynamic Stretching Exercises For Soccer Players | New Blog Post

I just created a new blog post over at about dynamic stretching exercises for Soccer players If you play Soccer yourself or know of someone who does then feel free to pass this on. None likes to get injured during any Sport and a lot of muscular injuries can be prevented if a proper stretching routine is put in place. I still see a lot of Coaches out there use static stretching for warming up their players. No! No! No! This should be used soley for cooling down post match, please use dynamic stretching for warming up pre game. All the Scientific evidence points towards the dynamic stretch approach. If you want your players to perform at their best every game and prevent them from injuring themselves then visit the webpage above and put to use the information contained within. I have also included a youtube video for those who learn better from visualizing rather then reading.

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