Sunday, 7 July 2013

New Website Launched | Dynamic Stretching Exercises | The Way You Should Be Stretching

Just a quick update post on a new Website Blog I just created about dynamic stretching exercises. For those into Sport or Personal Fitness, you will find some very interesting information regarding which type of stretching routine warm ups you should be doing pre.

I have personally experimented with dynamic stretching and I must say my sports performance has improved dramatically. Like many, I used to perform on the spot static stretching before exercise but this is Scientifically proven to make you under perform and can increase your chances of muscular injury. The static type stretches are designed to cool down your muscles and hence makes much more sense to do post Sport/Exercise.

Instead try for yourself performing dynamic stretching and you'll notice a difference in your ability to last longer at your peak. This type of stretching increases blood flow and oxygen to your major muscles and warms them right up, lowering the risk of injury by an incredible 72%. I don't know about you but I like those odds :-)

Interested? & want more information? Visit Be sure to leave your comments.

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